PQAM Certificate - Practical Quantitative  Asset Management Certificate for groups and the individual module offering for end-users

It is a brand-new certifying cursus entirely developed by Patrick Oberhaensli with a truly practical focus on Quant from an Asset Management perspective. It is based on Patrick's long term banking and finance experience and years of teaching experience

Just contact Patrick for a discussion about PQAM & the individual modules: a MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PQAM (JUST CLICK HERE AND THE EMAIL IS AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED).

PQAM is available as a LIVE or REMOTE LIVE course for groups in English, French and German - the material being in English only. In a B2B or B2C (directly for Corporates and groups of employees) context

Some of the advantages of the cursus

  • 1 exam passed = 1 certificate

  • Hundreds of exam-type of questions

  • Constantly updated material

  • A modular approach that among others allows to easily set learning goals

  • PQAM is a natural complement of the three key global diplomas in finance 

  • The material is in-house developed and will be quickly adapted

  • There is also access to some unique proprietary Research in Quant

  • It also supports well the preparation for the exams of global diplomas in finance such as the CFA, CAIA, CMT and FRM Level 1 / Part 1 (and beyond) exams due in particular to its real practical approach

  • The price is a reasonable all-inclusive price - it comprises 1 exam attempt (there is an adapted fee for a second attempt). Therefore, there are no enrollment fees. It means that there are no extra material to buy

  • The cursus can be started anytime for B2B or B2C (Corporates only, not end-users)

  • No  membership fees required afterwards in order to use the designation

Specific modules are also available for end users on a stand-alone basis outside the PQAM certification as such

7 Modules