• MAY 2020: Webinar on the economy and the portfolio implications with a very strong participation

  • NOVEMBER 2019:

    At this very successful ESG dedicated event from SPHERE last November 27th in Zurich, I have moderated a panel with key questions about the use of ESG. Here is also a link to videos:

  • JANUARY 2018: a new article on Roboadvisors to be found among others in Linkedin. It has more than 54'000 views! as of 31st of January 2018


  • FEBRUARY 2017: new edition of the very successful Customized  Advanced Derivatives course developed & delivered


  • OCTOBER & DECEMBER 2016: International (Advanced) Risk Management course


  • JUNE 2016: development of a key tool to help candidates better understand financial formulas


  • MAY 2016: continuation of a series of posts in LinkedIn about Global Financial Diploma with among others the opportunity to prepare 2 diplomas in parallel


  • MARCH 2016, GASTBEITRAG: Wie Sie CFA und CAIA gleichzeitig schaffen, efinancialcareers: link


  • JANUARY 2016, Professional presentation for GARP:

"Applying Financial Market Anomalies in Order to Obtain Diversified Portfolios with Lower Risk"


  • INTERN: Samuel Walter kickstarted as an Advisory Intern @ EVOLIDS


  • INTERN: it is our pleasure to announce that Marco Guldener has just started as an Intern @ EVOLIDS


  • JUNE 2015, very successful launch of the MTA Irish Chapter in Dublin, Professional presentation:

"Equities versus Commodities"


  • MARCH 2015, Participation at a professional event (webinar):

"Precious metals: technical analysis / Quant", with the MTA and Reuters


  • OCTOBER 2014, Professional presentation:

"Differentiated Risk-based Quant approaches in developing alternative strategies for the commodity markets"


  • MAY 2014, Professional presentation:

"From the Institutional investment needs to the innovative Quant solutions: a current European perspective"


  • MAY 2014, Professional presentation:

"Risk as a consistent Source of Return: towards Utility Maximization in a Quant Approach"


    • FEBRUARY 2011, EXPERTENINTERVIEW zum CAIA als Karriereturbo in Alternativen Investments: link


    We are further developing Client solutions for both activities. An example is the Finance Education field where we create new ways to make the knowledge transfer more efficient and effective: by ensuring that the participants really enjoy the content and interact more


    • DECEMBER 2018, Professional course: "Internal Control System / Risk Management", 6th edition


    • My new article on "THE ASIAN BANKER" with a very large number of views: It is the 20th anniversary of the creation of the reverse convertible! Link


    • JUNE 26th 2018: I've taken part in the Quant panel discussing among others Managed Futures strategies and organized by Friends-of-Funds in Zurich. An event that enjoyed great participation


    • MARCH 2018: I had a speech on Friday March 9th 2018 on the following topic in Zurich: "Risk-based Managed Futures: A new & refreshing systematic approach". Slides are available upon request










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